Here are the facts regarding the 2016 CA Master Agreement:

1) Local 3 didn't hold any pre- negotiations meetings with the members.

2) A rank n file negotiating committee was never assembled. ( elected 1 member from each district)

3) A agreement was negotiated between the employers and union with 30 language changes, including new language to prevent heat illness claims, conformed breaks, 2nd meal periods when working long shifts, paid sick leave and Who pays for any additional money needed for pension restoration! Yet they called it an contract extension. ( by definition a contract extension means the annual increases and the years change but the language of the agreement stays the same. Language can only be negotiated in or out of a contract )

4) Limited notice was given by mail of ratification.

5) Ratification meetings were only only 4 of 11 CA Districts on a sunny Saturday work day( Sacramento, Rohnert Park, Morgan Hill, and Oakland )

6) No details and No discussion of the agreement was held at the round of district meetings, the week before the ratification meeting.

7) lowest turnout for a Master Agreement Ratification. Aprox. 100 Members and 100 Staff.

8)A 15 minute power point presentation was given and we were asked to vote.

9) Union Staff was allowed to vote on an agreement that they do not work under!

10) Local 3 claims the CA Master Agreement ratified by 75%. If you you take the staff votes out it would have been 50% for, 50% against.

11) After the Agreement was ratified there were language changes that were never discussed with members before the hard copies were distributed to the membership!

12) Collective Bargaining is the basis of all labor
Unions. How can you represent the members if you don't hear them or give them opportunity to voice an opinion!

The Members First Ticket would never conduct any Agreement Negotiation in this fashion!