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Line Dominates in Islander Playoff Victory

Ryan Buchan, Islanders Staff Writer
Apr.. 26, 2008

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. – The Islanders’ line led the way to a 55-0 playoff victory over the Delano Knights. On the offensive side of the ball the line gave quarterback Jason Piccollotti great protection to torch the Knights through the air. “With the offensive line you can’t go wrong,” wide receiver, Donyell Crain said.

On the other side of the ball the line terrorized ball carriers, allowing the defense to let the knights pick up only one first down the entire game. The only Knight first down came after a pass interference penalty.

“Games are won and lost on the interior,” offensive coordinator, John Kirby said. “The line dominated again.”
“Key to our team is the offensive line,” Jason Piccolotti said.

A rare event happened in this game – an offensive lineman won player of the game. Offensive Tackle Eduardo Nuño pounded defenders in his first game of the season to take home the honor. Nuño has been a resident of Half Moon Bay for seven years and was happy to play in front of his friends and family. “It’s great to just try and have fun,” Nuño said. “To play in front of a home crowd always feels special.”

The Islanders only had five offensive linemen to start the game but it was all they needed. “More repetitions are better for our starters,” offensive tackle, Greg Bianculli said. “It gives us an advantage to work on our plays.”

With solid protection the Islanders were able to scorch the Knights for 369 yards. Most of those yards came through the air with Jason Piccolotti completing eight of 11 passes for 203 yards and four touchdowns.

Obiama Ngumezi, was one Jason Piccolotti’s favorite targets, and combined with him for two scores. Ngumezi showed great athleticism going up for the ball, and holding onto after being hit. Ngumezi caught two passes for 84 yards both for touchdowns. “Just doing what I was taught,” Ngumezi said. “I don’t see no one, I just see the ball.”

Jason Piccolotti also found his brother Rob Piccolotti for the second time this season for a touchdown. Midway through the third quarter Jason Piccolotti rolled out on a play-action pass and tossed the ball 19 yards to his brother.

On the other side of the ball the line was a constant nightmare for anyone touching the rock for the Knights. “Feels like finally our hard work paid off,” defensive tackle, Chenuto “Noodles” Lorenzetti said. We “got out there and got it done.”

Lorenzentti won defensive player of the game. “I thought he was a force,” head coach, Jack Burgett said.

The defense forced two fumbles, blocked a kick, and intercepted a pass in the game. “This is what we do,” Lorenzetti said.
“We wanted to make a statement,” defense tackle, Cisco Lutu said.

Paki Gordon showed off his skills juking defenders and finding his way into the end zone on a 40 yard punt return. That return helped him get special teams’ player of the game.

The Islanders advance further in the Central Valley Football league playoffs, and one game closer to a minor league football championship.

“This is my favorite thing in the world, having this team,” head of security, Dino Cevasco said.



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