Facts about Russ Burns and Four M Contracting.

Russ Burns goes hunting with the Owner Monte Molinia in Colorado.

Monte Molina's cousin is Sacramento District Rep. Rob Carrion. Rob Carrion has never worked in the field as an Operating Engineer.

Monte Monlina has a private work agreement that is active in all 46 Northern California Counties. This Agreement has the lowest wages and fringe benefits in all of Local 3. We have been told by an employee working under the Agreement a Finish Blade Operator makes less than $25 an hour. No Annuity, No Vacation pay, No apprenticeship. It only pays into Health and Welfare and Pension.

Private work Agreements are supposed to be only in outline districts that do not have market share, so Union contractors can compete against the Non Union. Private work Agreements are supposed to be approved by the Market Geographical Committee. This Agreement was never approved by any Committee.

In 2016, Four M Contracting was awarded a Public Works project at the Yuba Gold Fields. Many Union Contractors bid on the same project.

In 2016, A special supplement to the Four M Contracting's Master Agreement called a MOU( Memorandum of Understanding) that among other things, set the prevailing rate for pull scrapers at group 8A instead of group 4. A difference of $7.08 an hr. for those pieces of equipment pictured below.

03.06.03 of the California Master Agreement says (paraphrase) If you give one contractor conditions more favorable you have to give it to them all! This MOU can be used to change prevailing rate for all pull scrapers.

We have asked and been promised by Russ Burns to be able to inspect the Four M Contracting Agreements including the MOU. Unfortunately, he has never gotten back to us with any dates. It's been over a year!