Tony Delfino - Business Manager
I am a 30 year Member of Operating Engineers Local Union #3 and a third generation Operating Engineer for Local Union #3. I was born in Healdsburg Ca. My Father, Grandfather, Uncles, Cousins and Niece, were, and are still Operating Engineers.

I started my OE3 career in 1988 for Hermsmeyer Paving working on the first phase expansion of the Sonoma County Jail. I then went on as a Working Foreman for Consolidated Landscape. When they were closing down their doors I went back to Hermsmeyer Paving. In 1995 I was offered a working foreman position for North Bay Construction, running multiple large subdivisions, commercial office complexes, Hamilton AFB closure, residential housing and commercial rehabilitation, multi-unit apartment construction and heavy Hwy projects.

In 2005 I was offered a position as General Superintendent for Oak Grove Construction. In 2012 I was awarded Apprentice Supervisor of the year, which in 2013 I accepted at the Apprentice Graduation Retiree Picnic at Rancho Marietta. In 2014, I accepted a Superintendent position at Shimmick Construction and worked on the underground and surface operations for the SMART Train in Sonoma and Marin counties. When the operations at SMART slowed down I went to work at The Salesforce Tower Building in San Francisco. When the deep excavation earthwork was completed in 2015 I transferred to the VTA / BART extension from Fremont to San Jose. The project was a joint venture with Skanska / Shimmick / Herzog where I started work as Roadwork Superintendent.

In 2016, I became the General Superintendent in charge of all surface and underground operations with approximately 3 Union Superintendents, 10 Union Foreman, 100 plus Union Operating Engineers and 200 plus laborers. In 2017 Shimmick was purchased by AECOM. In September of 2017, I then decided to join the Anvil Team where I am now currently employed as a Superintendent running 20 fire cleanup crews comprising of over 30 Union Operating Engineers and over 60 Union laborers.

Kenny Mendoza President
I was born in Fresno, California in the sixties.  Fresno was a small farming community, and that was where I learned to work hard and to stand up for my beliefs.  My father was a union Officer and organizer during the agricultural labor fight for better working conditions, and I remember standing in the strike lines as a young boy.  This made a lasting impression and shaped my core value that standing for worker rights is vital and a responsibility.

I have 29 years as a member of the Operating Engineers Union.  My membership began at Granite Construction, where I was initiated into the apprenticeship program as a Heavy-Duty Repairman, (“HDR”) and Utility Operator.  I was at Granite for 5 years and then took an opportunity to work at Teichert Construction, where I have spent the last 24 years being an HDR, Utility Operator, Foreman, and Fill-In Foreman.

Volunteering as a grass roots coordinator for the OE3 addiction recovery program, (“ARP”), for almost 15 years, was a great experience to personally impact members.  As Foreman and Fill-In Foreman, I have supervised a 20+ crew, managed combined day/night shifts, and contributed to multimillion dollar projects without a single grievance.

When the current union administration did not support members against Company policies that were contrary to our contract, I championed for member’s rights.  When the union administration was not representing our best interests, I voiced my concerns and challenged them to do better.  I learned at an early age that to influence change, I must be involved, informed, and willing to do the hard work necessary to move forward.

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made, and they are made just like anything else, through hard work.  That’s the price we have to pay to achieve that goal or any goal.” – Vince Lombardi.

Joel Duckworth - Vice-President
I am a 20 year member of Operating Engineers Local Union #3 and a second generation Operating Engineer. I was born and raised in Petaluma, California where my father was a Local #3 owner operator
and contractor. I started my career in Local 3 as a graduate of the Sacramento Job Corps and entered the Local 3 Apprenticeship in 1998.

I worked for W. Jaxon Baker, Gordon N. Ball, Hermsmeyer Paving, and Northbay Construction during my apprenticeship specializing in running all types of earthmoving equipment and setting grade. As a journeyman gradesetter I continued working for Northbay Construction until I moved to Anderson, California and got a job setting grade for Blaisedell Construction in 2005. In 2004 and then again in 2006 I was recognized as Local 3 volunteer of the year for Districts 10 and 70. In 2006 I took a job as an organizer in district 70 signing four construction contractors in my first year.

In 2008 I went back to work for Blaisedell Construction and in 2010 I was offered a foreman position with Gordon N. Ball and worked there until 2016. In 2016, I accepted a foreman position with Granite construction where I am currently employed. My motivation is simple, to restore this local to its previous grandeur. A union that listens to it members and includes them in the most important issues that they face. A union that represents their members interests above their own. My qualifications are that I have worked my way from an apprentice to foreman in the field. I was a successful union organizer in an area primarily nonunion. Also, I have been an advocate of union democracy within this union for the past 3 years, speaking at District meetings, and Semi Annual meetings. In 2016 I won a grievance filed against me by Dan Reding and Russ Burns for voicing my opinion regarding the state of our pension and the lack of membership participation in the California Master Agreement. My work ethic and passion for this Union motivates me to take on this local’s deficiencies head on and adapt them the ever changing conditions of the current economy. To take the time to bring the issues to the members for understanding and vote before the Union takes a position or makes a decision. Most Important to put the members of this great Union First!

David Esparza - Recording Corresponding Secretary
I was born and raised in the Mt Shasta/Weed area of Northern California. I am 61 years old and a 2nd generation union member. Upon graduation from high school in 1975, I served 4 years in the military. After the military, I returned to work for International Paper and continued my education while working full time, going to night classes at the College of the Siskiyous. I eventually moved to Chico and finished my education at Chico State University.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from CSU Chico in Business Administration. From college I went to work at Louisiana Pacific in Oroville, CA in Quality Control and then as a Production Supervisor. After my departure from Louisiana Pacific, I made my way into OE3 through the Apprentice Program. My first employer was Roy E Ladd Construction in Redding, CA, then on to Ford Construction, Baldwin Construction, C. C. Meyers, etc, etc. It was at C. C. Meyers that I found my calling as a Grade Setter. To this day I still enjoy my job as a Grade Setter and the challenges that sometimes present themselves.

My Union association began in 1979 in Local 2907 L.P.I.W. and in 1980 I became a Shop Steward. When I entered the Apprenticeship I realized that I was joining a premier organization and have always strived to learn more of its policies and practices. In my studies, it became apparent that Unions were the true protectors of the working person. Membership to a Union provides many rewards. They are one of the only mechanisms to the working person that helps them to change their social and economical lives as well as that of their families. Unions are one of the backbones of the middle class. But in these times of declining Union membership, all Unions including OE3, must be beyond reproach, pro-active to its changing environments, dedicated to its membership and preserve its integrity in the eye of the public.

As far as leadership in the OE3 Union or any other Union, I feel that leaders of the Union must have these qualities: 1) Experience, 2) Leadership skills, 3) Intuitiveness & insight into its membership and changing environments, 4) Integrity, 5) Morality.

I believe that for a true leader, most of these qualities all start in one place, the heart.

Chet Hurley - Financial Secretary
I was born in Kealakekua, Kona, HI. I enlisted into the US Navy after high school from 1988-1992. I was a Yeoman doing clerical work stationed at CINCPACFLT Pearl Harbor, HI from 1989-1992. As Yeoman in the US Navy I was able to learn some very valuable skills in administration and business organization.

I was accepted into the Local 3 Operating Engineers Apprenticeship in 2000 (second generation following the footsteps of my dad Hugh A Hurley Sr and Hugh A Hurley Jr).

I worked with Goodfellow for 2 yrs and Isemoto Contracting for the next 2. I became a journeyman in 2004 and then went to work for Dick Pacific. I have been with Isemoto for the last 13+ years. I started off as a Hoptoe operator then bounced around to rock truck, roller and gradechecker for a year. Went on to become a excavator operator (mini to Komatsu PC750-800). Ran dozer (CAT D3 up to Komatsu 475A) and CAT 140-14G grader. Varies from job to job. Currently running excavator.

My hobbies are enjoying quality time with my wife and children, going to the beach, bodyboarding, and get aways. I'm also a Shodan (1st degree black belt) in the Shorin ryu Karate.

I've come to love my job career as a Local 3 Heavy Equipment Operator. I learned a lot and still looking forward to learn a lot more.

Don Blevins - Treasurer
In 1983 I started my career in the concrete business as a yard hand for Genstar/Western Stone Products. I was originally a member of the Laborers Local Union 1130.

To better the future for myself and my family I joined the Operating Engineers Local Union 3 in 1994 and continued working for Western Stone Products until their closure.

I was a batchman/repairman for Seiko in 1995 on the Cypress Freeway in Oakland and worked there until completion.

In July, 1997 I was hired by RMC/Cemex as a heavy duty repairman and I have continued my employment with Cemex as a batchman in Pleasanton.

My passion and compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters has led me to be on the negotiations committee of our contract. I feel we, the members, need a say to ensure that our present and future members are treated with respect and dignity.

We are the voice of the members and I want to make sure their voices are heard. This is what has led me to run with my fellow candidates for officers of the Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3. We are the Members First Ticket.

Mike Preston - Trustee
After a twenty-three year career working in the mining fields I began searching for a brighter future for my family and me. I wanted something with protection for the worker with a retirement, benefit package and a better health care program. My search led me to my career as a member of the Operating Engineers Local Union No 3.

In 2003 I was accepted into the Operating Engineers Apprenticeship program. I worked for RM Harris and Ferma honing my skills with the direction from journeymen operators. I’m a dirt hand, I’ve operated dozers, excavators, compactors, scrapers, push-pulls to name a few of the equipment I've operated.

I journeyed out of the Apprenticeship program while working for Ferma. They were my last apprentice employer and my first journeyman employer. After Ferma I worked for RGW until my dispatch to Kiewit and I have been with Kiewit since 2012. I’ve been supporting structures for the past five years for Kiewit and I am currently waiting to return to work on the second phase of the Oroville Spillway project.

Darrin Judice - Trustee
I began my career in 1985 as a mechanics helper, laborer and operator in Louisiana working for my family. It is there that I learned what hard work detailed. I worked from the ground up doing whatever needed to be done.

In 1987 I joined the Army, where one of my duties was a light wheel vehicle mechanic. I was honorably discharged in 1992 and I returned to Louisiana where I worked for Waste Management as an operator and then again for my family at I Judice Sand Company until 1995 when I moved to California.

Operating equipment was in my blood and because of the wonderful opportunities that Operating Engineers Local Union No 3 had for its members I joined and was initiated into the union in 1996. From 1995 through 2002 I accepted dispatches for Granite, Peak Engineering, Joe Heim Construction and DeSilva Gates Construction

In 2002, I was interviewed by the then district representative of Oakland, District 20 for one of the dispatcher job openings and I was hired on the spot. With my attention to detail and great “people” skills I followed the Job Placement Regulations and dispatched our members out to various jobs covered by many different agreements. My capacities as a dispatcher included: taking applications for new/suspended members, answering phones, taking dues payments, interaction with various employers on their needs were among the various things a I did as a dispatcher. I also helped in testing the “new” dispatch system before it went live. That is the system for dispatch that is used to this day.

I worked as a business representative for Local 3 until 2006 and since then I have worked out in the field. I am presently working for DeSilva Gates Construction.

Steven Hrones - Trustee
Steven Hrones. I joined Local 3 straight out of high school. I am an 11 year member who believes in training our apprentices the right way at the ranch and in the field.

I feel very strongly that our wages could be and need to be higher, our pension needs work so that we can get back to 100 percent funded, and that our health and welfare needs a lot of work. I've worked hard being in local 3 mostly in cranes and driving pile. I'm proud to be a member of this great union.